“Now it’s a warzone on our street.” — Saleh Diab, 51, in Sheikh Jarrah

Multiple Attacks, Broken Bones in Sheikh Jarrah

Saleh Diab, 51, a resident of Sheikh Jarrah at risk of forcible eviction, testifies that Israeli forces broke into his house during several occasions, breaking his leg and his ribs on two separate occasions:

“While we sat in our indoor garden, four soldiers stormed inside our door. I questioned why, as they hit my sister, my brother and the children. Later, six more soldiers stormed in; throwing gas.
More soldiers arrived; sprayed my eyes, beating me and finally breaking my leg with their guns. I could not see anything. Days later, while sitting with my friend here, soldiers again broke the door and they pushed me down. They started hitting me on my broken leg. This time at hospital, they told me I also have broken ribs.
“A day later, they came to take me to prison. I was jailed for five days, releasing me on the condition I could not return to my neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah for three days. Now it’s a warzone on our street, with police marching up and down our street and intimidating our children. Under the watchful eye of the settlers across the street. For now; four houses are getting evicted, then in August four more houses, and on and on it goes…
We just want to be free.”