“My jewelry was stolen, and twenty-five thousand shekels that I had saved up for my son to get married were also stolen… I feel hopeless, I give up.  I do not sleep at night, I am always paranoid.”

Dangerous Findings

Imagine one day authorities declare your home an archeological site, demolish parts of it, and then constantly confiscate the windows and doors in the remaining parts. Imagine unwelcome visitors harass you at night and dance on your rooftop.

This is not an opening of a Sci-Fi story, this is the reality of the Daraghmeh family in the West Bank.

The Israeli authorities have declared the home of the Daraghmeh family an archaeological site, where windows, doors or any extensions are not allowed. With doors and windows gone they are left unprotected from harsh weather conditions, have no privacy and are vulnerable to violence from settlers.

Everyone should be safe at home.