”I am a mother of six.. and we have nowhere else to go. I have lived here for 17 years. We are 27 [extended family] under this roof alone, in three small apartments. This is our home. Our community. Our everything.” – Lamya Rajabi, 37

The Families in Batan al Hawa, Silwan

Concerns are heightened again over the risk of forced eviction facing families in East Jerusalem. On 26 May, a hearing was scheduled at the Jerusalem District Court related to two residential buildings, comprising six apartments, in Batn Al Hawa neighborhood, in Silwan in East Jerusalem. A total of six Palestinian households, comprising 33 persons, including 19 children, two elderly women and one man with special needs, are directly affected.

The Magistrate Court already upheld their eviction orders. On 26 May, the District Court postponed the hearing over the eviction order. The families have nearly exhausted all legal remedies. Palestinian, Israeli and international activists were present in front of the court, located in Sheikh Jarrah. Israeli forces reportedly attacked and physically assaulted many of them and one Palestinian boy was reportedly arrested.

OCHA estimates that at least 970 Palestinians are at-risk of forced eviction and forcible transfer across East Jerusalem, due to cases brought before Israeli courts, primarily by Israeli settler groups; some 450 of whom are from the Batn al Hawa area alone.