“The day I got arrested, you can see footage of Dareen screaming for me; even the witnesses outside cried watching this. She can’t sleep; she wakes up crying in fear of the police. She is paranoid, it’s been more than a month and my daughter sleeps in our bed, between me and her mother.”
– Zuhair Al Rajabi, father of Dareen

Living Under Cameras in Batn Al Hawa

Zuhair, the father of 11-year-old Dareen (seen here studying), installed surveillance cameras to record attacks on his family and serve as evidence against false allegations by police and settlers. The Al Rajabi family is one of more than 80 slated for eviction by the Israeli authorities in the Batn Al Hawa neighbourhood, in the heart of Silwan. It is the most extensive expulsion in years in East Jerusalem.