A mother recounts a settler attack on her young son.

A Mother Recounts a Settler Attack on Her Young Son

“We were having lunch when the settlers attacked.

“[Neighbors] told us to go back, as well as the children, so we did.

“My son, Mohammad, was asleep.

“He woke up scared by the screams of the settlers, and the moment he woke up he was hit with a rock on his head. Then he started bleeding.

“They came from both settlements. We got trapped.

“I could not stand on my feet at all; I was afraid.

“I was very scared for him. I was scared for the children more than anything.

“They told us to take him to a hospital away from settlers, but we could not because they would have attacked us.

“The soldiers took my son, and his uncle accompanied him, then they took him to the hospital.”


“Have you visited your son in the hospital since then?”


“No, never.”


“Why not?”


“I do not have a permit.”